Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Entertainment Tech Show Highlights "Creatasphere"

My expectations are always limited for this show, as far as CG, as it covers mostly cameras and other live-action tech, and editorial.  However, I always learn something, like that Cinema4D is pretty cool now.  I am told they have a great education discount.

Saw a presentation on Adobe Premier Pro.  I don't see big advantages over FCP, but I'm just a hack.

Also saw the Autodesk guys, although their presence was about Smoke on the Mac.   This was pretty impressive actually, running on a Macbook Pro, what I have -- not sure what board.

But the most fun I had was chatting with the Litepanels guy -- the future of set lighting using the new LED technology.  Their approach is to imitate the tools and workflow of traditional lighting as close as possible.  The arrays can be dimmed, and with some you can swap the color temperature (daylight to tungsten). And since they use 1/10 the power of traditional lights, a number of them are battery operated.  They have these little hand-held ones like 3x8 or so, and of course they don't get hot.  Close to 2 hours of battery time. 1 1/2 hrs. charge time.   I can now at least explain how the new LED lightbulbs will work in casual cocktail party chatter.

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